What Your Favourite Sex Position Says About You?

Let’s find out what your favourite sex position says about you? They say you can tell a lot about a person’s character by what sex position they appreciate the most, so let’s find out!

Doggy Style

If you enjoy doggy style the most, it means that you’re not afraid of your animalistic nature. It also suggests that you are a fan of deep penetration, in which case, you should own a lengthy, strong reliable toy that will never fail to please you. Try out The Realistic Rabbit XL by The Rabbit Company. 

Cowgirl/ Reverse Cowgirl

If you love being on top during cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, it means that you’re an extrovert who likes being in control. Why not treat yourself to The Rotating Rabbit by The Rabbit Company for some extra sensations that will guarantee ultimate pleasure. However, if you prefer to be on the bottom during any variation of cowgirl it usually means that you’re a guy… 

The 69

Those who favour the 69-position love to share, are kind-hearted and also love being super intimate with their partner to feel ultimate closeness. At Christmas, they will purchase expensive gifts for their family and friends, but will no doubt be annoyed if they receive a gift of lesser value in return. To fulfil the 69-lover demands, we suggest a mutual vibrating toy that both partners can enjoy the Pocket Rabbit by The Rabbit Company.

Bent Over

If being bent over the bed, sofa, kitchen counter or the washing machine is more your style, you’re most likely a ‘need it NOW’ kind of person with a lack of patience and a love for instant satisfaction. Get what you want and get it “NOW” with a vibrator we offer The rotating Rabbit By the Rabbit Company.

Shop our products for added fun, pleasure and sensations in the bedroom. Alone or for couples wanting to spice things up.


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