What Fifty Shades actors ACTUALLY get up to on Valentine's Day

With the release of the new Fifty Shades film fast approaching, conveniently close to Valentine’s Day, we thought it’d be interesting to see what Christian and Anastasia might be getting up to on a special day. Ok, well maybe not them, but the actor and actress who play them.

At the premiere of their new film E! News asked Jamie and Dakota the same question, and it’s easy to say that they couldn’t be more opposite to the characters they play.

Dakota Johnson plans on ‘sleeping all day,’ as a singleton we don’t blame her, but as we are well aware, being single doesn’t have to be boring on Valentine’s Day…

Jamie Dornan, told E! he wanted to keep things low-key this year with his wife, Amelia. No helicopter rides, or playrooms for her by the sounds of it. But who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Will you be going to watch the new Fifty Shades Darker film?