I went to Vulva Meditation and this is how it went

Yes, you read that title correctly. The team at Love Pleasure recently discovered the wonderful Holly and Rachel, creators of The Hormone Hub. 

Holly and Rachel are sex and intimacy coaches, who run tantra and sex workshops through The Hormone Hub, as well as providing 1-2-1 sex therapy and couples therapy sessions. With such a huge gap in the market for sex positive therapy and education, The Hormone Hub have so far seen great interest in their online workshops, with clients all the way across the pond in America as well as the U.K. The ladies were kind enough to invite me to one of their online workshops, Embodiment and Vulva Meditation, so that I could give our audience a first-hand account of the experience.

So, on a regular Tuesday evening at 9pm, I found myself sat cross-legged on my bed waiting to be let into my first guided vulva meditation session. I had spoken to Holly and Rachel beforehand, and had a rough idea of what to expect, but I was still overcome with curiosity (and admittedly, some apprehension) about what I was about to experience. 

At 9pm, I was let into the Zoom call and greeted by a smiling Holly and Rachel, who were also sitting comfortably in a bedroom, along with around a dozen other women joining the online session. The Hormone Hub girls began by welcoming the group and introducing themselves, before going into what the session would entail and the purpose of the practices we would be taking part in today. As Holly and Rachel spoke, I couldn’t help but admire their passion for the work that they do, how unapologetic they are speaking about self pleasure and female empowerment when it comes to sex, and their excitement to share their knowledge with others.


The first practice we went into was Embodiment - the group was given the option to leave our cameras on or turn them off for both practices. I chose to play it safe and turned mine off.

The purpose of Embodiment is to reconnect with your body, getting back in touch with the subtle signals it gives you every day to indicate what it needs. We tend to ignore our bodies and only truly listen when we know something is wrong, rather than paying attention regularly as we go about our day to day life. The guided Embodiment meditation began with Rachel instructing us to sit in whatever position we found most comfortable, closing our eyes and beginning to apply feather-like touches to our body, starting from our feet and working our way up. We were encouraged to allow our hips to move around during the practice, to invite our feminine energy forward, whilst we let our hands roam.

Closing my eyes and listening to Rachel’s voice and the soothing music, I focused on the feel of my own hands grazing my feet, legs, torso, neck, face and arms. I paid attention to my body - how it felt, how it moved - in a way I never really do day to day. It made me realise just how much my mind is disconnected from my body, and that is something I want to change. Taking the time out of my day to give my body my complete attention felt empowering, relaxing and almost relieving.

Before we began this practice, Holly had explained the role that Embodiment plays in self pleasure (which they go into in more depth in their Self Pleasure 101 workshop). Embodiment encourages us to see self pleasure as more than just genital touch - it’s showing love and pleasure to ourselves as a whole, rather than just touching one area with the goal of orgasm in mind. 

Vulva Meditation

Not long after we concluded our Embodiment practice, we prepared for the Vulva Meditation segment of the session. The purpose of this practice is to create a dialogue with that part of our bodies, giving space to listen and connect. According to the girls, it is great for healing through trauma. Creating a dialogue and learning how we like to touch ourselves can then be communicated to partners, as we learn to treat our vulva with care and mindfulness. 

The girls switched roles, this time with Holly guiding our practice. Following instructions, I was now exposed from the waist down, sitting comfortably on my bed with my legs positioned in a way that gave me access to my vulva. I felt relaxed and in a great headspace after the Embodiment, and I was eager to experience this next part of the workshop.

We began with our hands placed on top of our thighs, eyes closed, whilst Holly guided us through some deep breathing - in for three, hold, out for four, repeat. I felt myself slip further into a relaxed and steady state as I focused on my breathing, releasing any tension that may have been lingering. We placed our hands on our bellies to feel the breath move in and out, directing it to our lower stomachs. Holly instructed us to contract and release our pelvic floor muscles (otherwise known as a kegel) as a way to ‘say hello’ to our vulva. This was followed by taking our right hand and slowly moving it across to our left thigh, lightly grazing the vulva, and then bringing it back and repeating the action with our left hand. 

We then took our dominant hand and placed it gently over our vulva, cupping it in whatever way felt comfortable, paying attention to the way the warmth of our hand felt against the skin. Holly instructed us to ask our vulva, out loud or in our heads, if it was okay to continue this touch and the practice. An answer could be a sensation, thought or feeling. Personally, this is when some scepticism began to creep in for me, as I have never experienced my vulva communicating with me before, and was not aware that this was a thing. Do other people’s vulvas talk to them? Is mine mute? 

I imagine that with practice, you may be able to decipher an ‘answer’. On this occasion, I did not receive an answer from my vulva to the question, which Rachel assured us was okay and that we will take that as a sign to proceed. We took our other hand and placed it over the one that was already resting on our vulva - Holly referred to this as a ‘vulva hug’. I’ll admit, at this point, whilst the meditation was relaxing, I couldn’t really feel my vulva under the warmth of both my hands. Perhaps that’s a sign of my disconnection with it - I’m not sure. Holly continued to guide us through the meditation, and we envisioned the heat of our sexual feminine energy moving from our vaginal canal, up through to our spine. I listened to her voice, doing my best to stay in the moment and not let my mind wander, but for someone who has not practised meditation in a while, I did find it tricky.

As we came to the end of the meditation, Holly instructed us to slowly and gently remove our hands, one after the other, from our vulva, focusing on the sensation of the warmth leaving and air hitting the area once again. We slowly opened our eyes and came back into the room. 

The first thing I noticed was how blissful and relaxed Rachel seemed, as she was following along the meditation with us. This made me wonder how impactful vulva meditation could actually be with persistence and practice, as it was evident that the session had the desired effect with Rachel.

Shortly after the practice was over, we said our goodbyes, with multiple participants sending messages in the chat thanking the girls and saying how wonderful the session had been, and ended the call. 

My Final Thoughts

As a result after the session, I felt relaxed and more in tune with my body - my mind and body seemed to feel on the same wavelength. I didn’t feel a particular connection to my vulva, it was more my body as a whole.

I would definitely try Embodiment again, and wouldn’t be opposed to persisting with Vulva Meditation. I imagine it is something that takes practice, and I would be interested in seeing if I can create a connection with that part of my body in the way that The Hormone Hub girls have. 

As for whether I would recommend the workshop, my answer is a definite yes. Even just listening to Holly and Rachel explain the purpose of the practices, it really was an eye opening experience and I was fascinated by the angle they took to encourage a more sex positive lifestyle for the women in the workshop. If you would like to try one of their many courses, you can use our exclusive code ‘HHUBAPP’ to get 20% off! Or, if you’re interested in 1:2:1 sessions, use code ‘HUBLOVE’ for 30% off your first session. Visit their site here.


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