Virtual Reality Sex Toys

New advances are being made in sex toys all the time. The latest Virtual Reality toys are meant to give you the most realistic sexual experience on the adult toys market.

If you are interested in giving Virtual Reality a go, keep reading to see some of the products we have to offer!

IPad Fleshlight Launch Pad | Fleshlight Phone Strap

If you are looking to ease yourself into the virtual reality experience, these are a great starter product. Allowing you to use your own devices, and handsfree.

BKK Virtual Reality Masturbator | Cyber Pro Stealth Stroker and VR Headset

If you want to get the full Virtual Reality experience these headsets are what you're looking for, alongside mastubators, they put you in the drivers set when it comes to solo pleasure!

Fleshlight GO Surge | Hypoallergenic Lubricant

When using a Virtual Reality headset, or accessory, you want to ensure the best experience, whether you want a more versatile fleshlight, or vibrating one, make sure to lube up.

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