Top 5 sex positions that are good for your health!

It is shared knowledge that having sex has genuine health benefits. From lowering blood pressure, lowering stress levels- getting it on not only helps in increasing your self-esteem and happiness but can also reduce the risk of a heart attack. Oh… and burning off some of those calories!

 Keeping all the health benefits in mind, below are a list of the 5 best sex positions which double up exercise as well, which is always great!


 1) Cowgirl

This is transparent. In this position, you are constantly moving up and down, so your heart rate predictably goes up. Whilst having fun in the bedroom you are working out your core! 

So, ladies, you have another reason to be on top - Even though it is exhausting.


 2) Missionary Position With A Pillow

If you are uninterested and getting bored with the regular missionary position, why not spice it up with a modest twist, which may also relieve your back from all the extra stress. Keeping a pillow under your hips while doing missionary, you will eliminate any back pain that comes with this position and help with your overall back health. 


3) Doggy Style

When you are in a mood for some experimentation, try doggy style to straighten your back and work out your core. This happens because we tend to naturally straighten our spine and core whilst receiving some action.


4) Lunges

This is a sex position named after an exercise, now there is no coincidence that this must do some good and surely is full of health benefits. This position involves you sitting on the top of your partner, while balancing yourself, it is essentially a great workout in itself. This position is known to increase your flexibility as you move up and down, as well as, back and forth.


5) Spooning

If you are the one often complaining of backaches, this is a position to try the next time you decide to get hot and steamy with your partner. This position, you lay alongside closely with your partner, spooning actually helps in reducing the stress that comes from sitting for a long duration of time. As your partner enters from behind, you can relax and lay sideways. Happy days!


Tip - No matter which sex position you choose to try tonight always remember to use precautions, if you are not intending to conceive.


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