The Orgasm Gap

Sometimes referred to as ‘The Pleasure Gap’, The Orgasm Gap is the difference in how frequently heterosexual women orgasm compared to their male counterparts. Research has shown that women do not orgasm during sexual events as often as men - according to a study conducted by Researchers from the Archives of Sexual Behavior, 95% of straight men said that they usually or always climax during sex, compared to 89% of gay men, 86% of lesbian and just 65% of straight women. 

We believe that everyone deserves the freedom to love pleasure, but this phenomenon shows us that this is not the case for many vagina owners. So, why has The Orgasm Gap come to exist, and what can we do to close it?

One of the main reasons that the gap exists is due to a lack of knowledge around the female sexual anatomy. Poor sex education over the years has had a big contribution to the orgasm gap, with a lot of men not realising that few woman can climax through penetration alone - an estimated 75% of women cannot orgasm through intercourse alone. 

The key to pleasure for the majority of the female population is a magical thing called the clitoris. So, it should be simple, right? Stimulate that little bundle of nerves and hey presto, here she comes! If only… Numerous studies have shown that many men, and even some women, are unsure about where the clitoris is. Considering that this organ has double the nerve endings that a penis does (8,000 vs 4,000), and is actually far larger than the small bud that we see on the surface, it’s crazy that we know so little about it and its power to pleasure.

The deep-rooted subconscious idea that female pleasure is not important - the female body is often viewed as a vessel to carry children. Mainstream porn focuses a lot on male pleasure, with the male orgasm seen as the ‘finale’ during sexual events. Throughout history, female pleasure has been ignored and pushed aside, or even seen as dirty or taboo. If women have been shamed into not exploring their own bodies, how are they supposed to communicate what they like with a partner?

It’s up to us to rewrite the narrative and close the gap. Educate yourself on female anatomy, understand what parts are where. Communicate with your partner about your likes and dislikes, what gets you off - these conversations should not be embarrassing, they should be (and are) necessary. Don’t be afraid to introduce toys into the bedroom. Many people feel that using a toy during sex with a partner means that they are not good enough to get their partner off on their own. Men may feel emasculated by bringing toys into the bedroom - but what’s more important, your ego or her pleasure? Toys are your teammate, not your enemy. 

We want to help you close the gap in your sexual relationships. Enjoy 15% off all toys this month with the code ‘LOVEPRIDE’. Let’s come together to close the orgasm gap.


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