Romance Your Way to the Bedroom

Looking to spice things up? Or want to guarantee a night of passion? With Valentine’s on the horizon, here are some tips and tricks to romance your way into the bedroom.

Set The Scene

This step can make all the difference, and it doesn't necessarily mean going out and buying fresh roses so you can scatter the petals everywhere, something as simple as dimming the lights, or popping out a few candles can really set the mood (we suggest not going too over board with these, as a fire is the last thing you want to worry about when things start to get steamy or rough).

Depending on what you want the night to involve this could either be in the bathroom, the bedroom, or at the dinner table, anywhere you would deem to be a romantic setting that'll get the juices flowing.

Dinner / Dessert

If you are wanting to make the night extra special, cooking dinner, whether it's all homemade or slyly cooked from a packet, can really add to the evening, and gives it a special touch. Make it interesting, maybe get your partner to join in and help, if you don't mind the state your kitchen gets in, try find something fun and messy. Try and keep it light though, as being full and bloated is definitely not a recipe for a 'night of passion.'

Dessert is always a chance to try and spice things up. It's ok to be cliche, so if that means melting some chocolate, slicing up some fruit and getting the blindfold out, you can never go wrong with a game of 'guess what's going in your mouth?'

To The Bedroom

Now this is where things can start to get intimate, (unless the messy kitchen was as far as you got) but try keep the romance in mind, don't give it away too easily. Lay them down and crack out the massage oils, ensuring they recieve the best massge of their life. This also doesn't necessarily have to be in the bedroom, a blanket in front of the fireplace or even in a hot bubble bath will work as well, just make it all about them.


Make It Fun

The main thing to have in mind throughout all of this is, make it fun, don't let burnt food, or chocolate all over the bed sheets ruin your night, the point is to have fun and a night to remember. If romance isn't your thing, games can be equally as enjoyable.. Naked Twister.


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