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Position of the Week - The Splitting Bamboo

Time to get your leg over ladies!

The Splitting Bamboo is a classic Kama Sutra sex position that adds a nice twist to the missionary position and provides deep penetration. The woman lies on her back and raises one leg into the air and rests the other on the bed or floor. The man then straddles the woman's lower leg and rests her raised leg on his shoulder. While holding onto her raised leg, to support himself and her, he can then enter her and thrust into her.

The perks of this position are that it leaves the woman's hands-free for her to play with her clitoris and she can easily swing her other leg up for even deeper penetration.

Naughty extras: Clitoral Vibrators, Handcuffs, Nipple Clamps, Strap Ons

Although described using a heterosexual couple, this position is also perfect for strap on or gay sex