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Position of the Week - The Lotus

The Modern Kama Sutra rates 'The Lotus' easy, slow and gentle.

This classic yoga sitting pose provides great intimacy as the two lovers can gaze at each other and caress each other's bodies during sex.

The lovers sit facing each other on a bed or rug. The man (or woman with a Strap On) sits with his legs in a loose lotus position (cross-legged as we know it). If the man is not very flexible then he can stretch his legs out. The woman sits astride her partner and wraps her arms and legs around his or her back.

To heighten arousal, the woman can thrust and move while the man supports her bottom and the man can suck and kiss the woman's breasts and neck.

Naughty extras perfect for this position: Cock Ring, Strap On, Nipple Suckers or Clamps, Massage Oil