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Position of the Week - The Backwards Slide

The Backwards Slide

The man lies back, legs outstretched. The woman, facing the man, straddles him. He holds her waist while she leans back and extends her legs towards his shoulders (you can have legs resting on the floor with knees bent if preferred). The woman supports herself by either leaning her forearms on the floor/bed between his legs or by holding his legs. 

For a more advanced position, the man can be propped up in a seated position and so the woman is sliding further back towards the floor.

The woman uses her legs to pleasure both herself and her partner. The man can use his free hands to stimulate her clitoris with his fingers or perhaps a bullet vibrator. For an added sensation, why not take advantage of the woman's bouncing breasts with some nipple suckers or clamps.

The Backwards Slide