Fun and Silly Date Ideas

In celebration of #NationalSpouseDay, here are some fun and silly date ideas for you and your partner!

Spend the Night in front of the Fire

Ok, so you may be thinking this isn't a fun and silly date, but sitting in front of a fire and enjoying eachothers company is so underrated. If you are on a budget, or fancy a night in, it doesn't have to be boring or expensive. Put your phones to one side, get the snacks and drinks flowing, wrap yourselves in a blanket, or duvet, get the fire going and pop a film on.

Don't have a fire? You'd be suprised how relaxing a fake fireplace can be on your laptop or TV.

Head to the Spa

Once again, you might be thinking spa... 'fun?' A spa doesn't necessarily have to be saunas and massages. Look into the different treatments that you know you and you partner would enjoy, mud treatments can be particularly fun, especially if you apply the mud on eachother.

Helicopter Ride

If you have the budget or want to experience something completely out of your comfort zone... maybe it's a special anniversary, a helicopter ride (if you, or your partner are not afriad of flying) could be the ultimate fun date.

Mini Road Trip

Road trips don't have to be cross country or even that far. Get in the car, grab a map, and a good playlist (don't forget the snacks) and just drive, see where you end up! This doesn't mean get completely lost in the countryside, feeling like you are in the scene of a horror film, but being in the car, you can enjoy eacothers company, either chatting away, or enjoying the scenary and the music.

Play Strangers in your Own Town

Now this one is a bit more of a silly one. The idea behind it is you act like tourists in the town you live in, whether that means visiting locals landmarks, getting people to take your photos in front of statues, or going on an open top bus tour. 

If you want to make it extra fun, or enjoy a bit of role play, act like it's the first time you've met, or it's a first date, and see where the day takes you.


The last idea on the list and by far my favourite is 'Triathloning,' what is this? Basically come up with three ideas, like a game of table tennis, a malteaser eating competition and game of who can get as many clothes on in a minute, and see who wins. It's something silly and a bit different, you can also mix it up. Making it as active or as silly as you want it to.


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