Could Self-Isolation Cause a Modern Day Baby Boom?

Currently, the world is going into a craze. The whole world is seeing low stock in essentials from Pasta to Loo roll. Not only this but now all major sporting events are being postponed or even worse cancelled and written off the cards for the rest of the year! 

However potentially in the next 1 to 2 months, it could be pregnancy testing kits flying off the shelves!

From previous data it shows us that nine months of the population is forced to self-isolate during disasters, birth rate always tends to spike. We get it - There’s only so much scrabble and rewatching the Simpsons one household can do.

However, in times of uncertainty, people tend to do what comes naturally and we can’t blame you. 

The big question is, will COVID-19 have the same effect as other pandemics? 


Will there be many Sagittariuses by the end of this year who were conceived while their parents were supposed to be working from home?


Dr. Michael Cackovic states “the human response to loss, disruption in access to family planning and of course, increased sexual activity from being confined to the home” in other words, those who are isolated tend to feel low and quickly run out of condoms, these people tend to fall pregnant. 


Even PornHub is experiencing a spike of traffic on their website, the cause could be the free premium subscription to Italy during the coronavirus quarantine and people feeling bored in their isolation resulted in Italy’s traffic to PornHub averaged to 13.8% of overall traffic on the website with Australia with the lowest increase of 2.1%. 


The daily traffic numbers are usually more than 120 million people, but now offices are closing and large communities are on lockdown, PornHubs traffic numbers became disrupted worldwide. 


They found searches such as “coronavirus” and “coronavirus” at the end of January and the number of searches have continued to grow. In the past 30 days (March 12th) they recorded 6.8 million searches containing “corona” or “COVID” with the biggest peak on March 5th at 1.5 million searches. 


Cabin fever is a powerful force and it would be no shock if we were to see an increase in births in the next nine months or an even bigger jump of traffic on PronHub’s website as more and more countries go into lockdown. 


Don’t forget in times like these it is important to stay safe together. Wash your hands frequently, maintain social distancing, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth and if you are suffering from a fever or cough and if you are having any difficulty breathing, stay home for 14 days even if you have no more symptoms. 

Stay safe and happy humping! 


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