Body Hair & Why It’s There

We all have body hair - armpit hair, leg hair, pubes, snail trails. Some of it is accepted, some of it isn’t, and a lot of the time it depends on your gender. But do you think that when we evolved to grow hair in these places that evolution took into account society’s expectations for how different genders should look? Hell no. Body hair is there for a reason, and we’re going to talk about it.

Armpit hair

The main reason we grow hair on our underarms is to prevent skin-to-skin friction when doing certain activities, such as running. But this is Love Pleasure after all, so how could we not share with you that armpit hair actually has a role when it comes to ‘sniffing out’ a partner. As the hair on our pits sits over our sweat glands, it helps to spread out natural body scent and pheromones, helping us attract sexual partners.

Arm & leg hair

Hair on our arms and legs helps to keep our bodies warm, sensing changes in the atmosphere around us. When we are cold, the muscles around the hair follicles on our arms (and other parts of the body, such as legs) cause the hairs to stand on end - we call this getting ‘goosebumps’. This allows us to draw in more heat to our bodies. When we are hot, we sweat through the follicles, which evaporates and takes heat with it, cooling us down. Extra fun fact: strong emotions, such as shock, anxiety, sexual arousal or excitement, can also result in goosebumps. This is believed to be due to a surge of adrenaline in the body which causes a person to shiver and trigger goosebumps to make an appearance.

Pubic hair

Much like armpit hair, our pubes help to prevent friction during activities such as sex. Our pubic hair also helps to stop dirt and pathogens from getting into our genitals. Our hair follicles down there actually produce an oil called sebum, which stops bacteria from multiplying. Basically, your bush acts as a barrier to keep your private parts from any harm.


You can still choose to safely remove your body hair if that’s what you personally prefer - but if you wanna let it grow wild, go for it! Our bodies don’t just do things for the hell of it, so don’t listen to what anyone else thinks about yours doing something completely natural. 


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