Best Sex Toys for Couples

Looking to spice up your sex life? Now more than ever, couples are introducing sex toys and vibrators into their relationship. It’s a common misconception that sex toys are only for solo play, but some of our best selling sex toys are for couples. Introducing toys into your bedroom play can seem scary, but you have no idea the fun and games you are opening the doors to if you haven’t already invested in one of our couples sex toys! 

From clit and wand vibrators to butt plugs, here are the best sex toys all couples can enjoy. 


Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples Vibrator

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples Vibrator

The Satisfyer Pro 4 offers amazing suction/air pulse technology and is the first couples toy from this brand that specialises in  ‘clitoris suckers’. 

Worn during intercourse, its unique shape allows the toy to sit comfortably on your clitoris, stimulating you with airwaves, whilst the lower part rests on the upper wall or your vagina, leaving the lower space free for perfect penetration by your partner.

Batteries? Well, that’s a concern of the past with the USB charger that connects with two small magnets and with an hour and a half worth of pleasure on a single charge you are sure to organsam again...and again...and again!

Made with silicone, the Satisfyer Pro 4 is also extremely hygienic, as bacteria cannot penetrate the non-porous material. 


Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples Plus Vibrator

Satisfyer Partner Plus Couples Vibrator

We all know how important sharing is, but when it comes to sex toys it’s hard too share right? You won’t experience that problem with the Satisfyer Partner Plus. 

The Satisfyer Partner Plus is a vibrator worn during lovemaking to stimulate both of you at the same time. The vibrator is intended for vaginal intercourse with the upper part stimulating the clitoris and the lower part hitting the g-spot.

While the toy stimulates two female zones at the same time, the vagina will become narrow whilst using this toy which will also intensify lovemaking for your partner. 

There are 10 vibration modes on offer, so you can start off slow and work your way up to share an out of this world orgasm... or two!

With USB charging at your convenience, you can be ready whenever the mood strikes. 


Bathmate Gladiator Power Ring

Bathmate Power Rings

Looking for a cheaper alternative to spice up your sex play? Bathmate Power Rings will give you an enhanced erection experience, in turn, this will improve performance and lead to greater sexual satisfaction.

The rings provide a firm grip while being flexible enough that it doesn’t get in the way of your intimate love making. Looking for intense, longer-lasting sex guaranteed to please? Add a new level to your sex life today…you won’t be disappointed!


B-Vibe Butt Plugs

B-Vibe Butt Plugs

For those interested in venturing into back-door play, a  B-Vibe Butt Plug provides the perfect toy. There’s no such thing as having too many sex toys, and chances are you could add an anal toy to the collection if you haven’t already. 

B-Vibe are one of the fanciest and highest quality butt toy makers around and their toys are a great way for couples to explore anal play for the first time.

For those that seek a little variety when it comes to anal play we even have textured plugs on offer which are sized for beginner to intermediate. Check out all our butt plugs on offer, you won’t regret it! 

P.S. Don’t forget to buy some lube!


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