4 Totally Hot Sizzling Sex Games You Can Play In The Bedroom

We all want to find new, fun and stimulating ways to spice up our sex life. In this blog post, we have 4 naughty, saucy ways to add some extra interest in the bedroom. Let the fun and games begin.

1) Start a Sex Fantasy Jar

You and your partner can heat things up by writing exciting sex acts you’d like to try with each other, do this and put the pieces of paper into the jar. 

Fill the jar with as many sexual fantasies as you like. – Try to aim for 10 each. 

Once the jar is full you or your partner can pick one out of the jar to try. This can build up excitement and anticipation.

This is a great way to get the flames going.

2) What’s the Sensation?

For this sexy game make sure you have a blindfold at hand and then get your partner to lay down on the bed.

Meanwhile gather items from around the house, such as cream, ice, chocolate sauce or anything you fancy.

From here you can start the guessing game of what item you are using on each sexual part of their body, this allows you both to connect and to discover each other on a deeper level whilst creating sexual tension.  

3) Kinky Stopwatch  

This is a game for those that like a challenge. 

Can you make your partner reach climax within a specific time frame? Grab a stopwatch to time yourself and see if you can beat the clock.

This can be a fun game for couples to play as it creates healthy competition in the bedroom. 

Tip – Spice it up with using nothing but your hands and mouth.

4) Sexy Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is self-explanatory…

Sex doesn’t always have to be physical, so why not make this game of truth or dare both fun as well as sexy. 

You and your partner can create sexual truth and dares for one another. – Such as masturbating in front of each other, you could use the opportunity to use the truth to find out each other deepest darkest sexiest secrets. This could get cheeky! 

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